Semantic Platform

Improve your product data with A.I.

Thanks to its artificial intelligence resulting from 3 years of R&D, the ContentSide Semantic Platform helps you save time and make the production of your product data more reliable.

ContentSide Semantic Platform for

Online media

We help you to improve SEO and to convert free readers to subscribers.

  • create links between a new published article and the existing articles
  • create tagpages from places, people and organizations keywords

We help you improve your SEO and get your readers to read more articles on your website!


We help you to have a more reliable online catalog and build it faster.

  • automatically and smartly classify your products
  • automatically generate product descriptions
  • get product data from websites (web scraping)

Enhance your conversion rate by improving the quality of your product data!


Training of the solution, integration: we support you throughout the project

Did you know that the majority of artificial intelligence projects do not succeed (60% according to Forrester and 85% according to Gartner)?

The technology used is only one key to the success of an artificial intelligence project, other aspects are at least as important:

  • integration of business rules so that A.I. proposals are relevant to your business
  • the quality of training data
  • the proper integration of artificial intelligence into your information system

In addition to providing technology, we support our clients on all these aspects.

We integrate your own business rules, we build with you the learning data necessary for the A.I. ​​and can carry out all or part of the integration of the tool.


An innovation resulting from 3 years of research and development

We initiated a research and development process in 2015, from 2018 to 2020 we were selected to participate in a large-scale European project in which our role was to create an artificial intelligence platform.

Our research and development team includes 2 PhD specializing in artificial intelligence and document engineering.

Thanks to our activity of designing custom software for our service activity, we know how to move from the lab to industrialized, robust and efficient solutions.

ContentSide Semantic Platform is the result of these expertise, a robust, efficient, modular and easy to integrate artificial intelligence platform.